Malignancy and Health Insurance Options

If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer, you might wonder how you are going to get insurance coverage. The truth is that while many cancer patients do have to fight for coverage, there are always possibilities to you. You will have to document your treatments, speak to your doctor, and take a close up look at your policy to determine what is and is not covered. Arming yourself with information will help you receive the malignancy health insurance coverage you deserve.

In case you had health insurance prior to your medical diagnosis, your life will be much easier. HIPAA, the Insurance Portability and Accountability Action, prevents you from losing insurance as long as you have maintained health insurance intended for twelve months, even if you change jobs. Or else insured, HIPAA will at least allow you to receive health insurance after recovery. After you have been free of cancer for twelve months, you will no longer be forced to deal with pre-existing exclusion periods and can sign up for an organization plan. COBRA, or the Consolidated Omnibus Budget and Reconciliation Act, will likely protect your cancer health insurance protection should you be forced to reduce work hrs or stop working altogether due to your illness.

Even you have been uninsured to get such a long period of time that HIPAA no longer protects you, there are other options. Unfortunately, you may have to pay higher payments no matter which option you choose. Try looking for a private insurance plan that does not require a wellness screening or pre-existing condition exclusion period. Although these plans are usually more expensive, the benefit of having cancer insurance coverage may outweigh the cost of premiums. If you fail to find a private plan, try getting in touch with an insurance broker. He or she can assist you in your, and may even find a group plan for which you are eligible.

You might also be eligible for Medicaid or Medicare. If qualified, Medical planning can pay your doctors and other healthcare providers so that you only have to worry about copays. Whether you are eligible will depend on your handicap status, age, and income. Medicare health insurance might be an option if you will be not able to work for 29 months or are terminally ill. If you are a veteran, look into the cancer health insurance provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Other options consist of state plans or hospitals which provide low-cost coverage to their individuals. Remember, never give up.

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