The Power to Get Anything You Want Lies Within You

Are you suffering from the Cinderella syndrome? By that I mean sitting around awaiting someone to come along and wave the magic wand and make almost everything in your world perfect! While it worked well for Cinderella, I am sorry to say that the rest of us do not have the liberties that she had. She was the exception to the rule. The rest of us may sit forever waiting for someone to hands us that golden opportunity to make millions, to hand us fame, wellness or wealth.
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But the cold difficult fact to life is that no-one with this earth can rely on someone else to provide us what we want. Happiness and success is an inside job, only you can make you happy. Only you are able to decide you will do what is essential for good health. Others can certainly help us on our journey, but first we must decide what we want, we must decide to do what must be done to get there.

While this may sound a bit harsh, the truth of it has been proven time and time again throughout the ages. Some individuals are given the toughest of situations to deal with, they are given the worst of breaks. Rather than fold plus crumble, they have endured and increased to great heights in their life. Other people catch a cold and its the end of the world! No matter what happens, it certainly is a drama and they spend all of their time telling the world about it instead of making the decision to accept what hand continues to be dealt to them and finding a way to over come it.

It is simpler to wait or expect someone else ahead along and solve all our problems. It is much more difficult to accept responsibility for our own lives and to find a solution and act upon this to improve things. You hear it all the time – it was always the another persons fault why someone will be unhappy or broke. It was their own spouses fault, their boss’s fault, the banks fault, the economic times fault, it was the governments fault!! Geez the list is as lengthy as the Great Wall in China and taiwan.

But I am here to say no, that is not right. Some of those things might have contributed to your situation for sure, however it is how you react to those things which makes your life the way it is now. And that is the key to a happy life. No one can allow you to think something, no one can make you feel something… unless you decide to let them. Everyone has a viewpoint, some stronger than others. But are they right in their opinion, because after all – an opinion is just some individuals perception of something. Every one see’s things differently.

A friend might giggle at you when you say you wish to become an actor, they may inform you how you would suck at this, that it’s a risky business, you are not tall enough, short enough, thin enough, or they may say you don’t have the drop dead gorgeous appears. But are they right? Do you simply take their word, their perception associated with things as gospel? Do you give up on your dream? No! If you want to become an actor you need to keep your faith, however, not only that, you need to do what it takes to become your dream. Take those acting classes, speech lessons or improve your entire body or appearance. Learn how to walk, talk, act and look like an actor or even actress and that is what you will become.

In no way listen to the dream stealers. They may be only coming from their own point of view. They might truly love you and are only seeking to protect you from the disappointment of failing, or they may feel threatened by you. After all, if you do make it, they have no more excuses why they shouldn’t make it- you will have demonstrated it can be done.

So leave Cinderella plus her fairy Godmother where these are – as a wonderful story associated with fiction – and begin to write your personal true story in the stars. Everything begins with you and you alone. You need to decide what you want, you must plan ways to get it, and most important of all : you must act upon your plan. In essence you are your own fairy Godmother — you can make all things possible with dedication, belief, and a willingness to act. Wave your own magic wand and see what goes on.

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