The Panda Bear Hamster

Panda bears are from south western and central western China and eat bamboo. They grow in order to lengths of four to six feet (1. 2 to 1. 8 meters) and can weigh 330 pounds (150 kg).

Yet, there is another “panda” which grows to a mere 5. five inches (14 cm) in length, and weighs typically no more than 5 ΒΌ ounces (150 g). We are talking about the panda bear hamster obviously!

The panda bear hamster (or simply panda hamster) is one color variety of the Syrian hamster, Mesocricetus auratus. Genetically, this animal is the same kind of hamster as a black bear hamster, a teddy bear hamster, a long haired hamster, a hairless hamster, and any other Syrian hamster. The difference is in the color of its layer.

In fact , if you were to find small bamboo branches and pose them next to a panda hamster for any photograph, you might easily be misled into thinking that it is a picture of the panda bear!

Yet this animal shares little in common with the tolerate, except that they are both furry mammals. Syrian hamsters are from : you guessed it – Syria. They are a species that has become quite tame and can make a cuddly dog for humans.
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They are loners, and can not tolerate having another adult hamster in their territory.

Through generations of breeding, however , these Syrians have grown quite tolerant of human being companionship. In fact , they seem to appreciate it. Because of this, you must never leave a Syrian alone for more than a day or two. Once the animal gets utilized to having human companionship, it will turn out to be greatly distressed if that goes away.

Syrian hamsters eat seeds plus grains, vegetables and fruits. And they revel in the casual treat of a meal worm or live cricket.

If you are thinking about obtaining a dwarf hamster or a hamster, then you definitely must consider what you want out of a pet. If you want an animal that you can cuddle along with, then the Syrian hamster is your pet.

Now, you may have your heart set on a panda hamster or a teddy bear hamster or a black bear hamster, but here’s a fact: A hamster’s pelage is not a good indicator from the personality. You need to watch its behavior with the owner of the hamstery or maybe the pet store attendant. If any one of those people are afraid to pick up the hamster or put on gloves to do so, then you definitely should not get that hamster.

In addition to purchasing the animal, you will need to get foods, a water bottle, a wheel of the correct size and type and toys. Your hamster will also need an enclosure in which to hide – a bedroom, in fact. You can purchase plastic hamster igloos, but you can just like easily break a flower container in half. Give your hamster plenty of cardboard to chew up, but it will surely create for itself a fine home.

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