About to Rent a Car in Athens? 5 Tips for Keeping Safe

Cars whizzing by at lightning velocity, motorcycles squeezing their way in between moving buses, cars turning 4-lane roads into a 6-lane traffic headache, horns honking loudly for apparently no reason at all-no, you are not in roadway hell.
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You are in Athens, birthplace of Western civilization and home to some of the rudest drivers in the world. If you plan to rent a car in Athens during your stay, take note of these tips to help you keep safe on the road.

1 . Driving Side — In Athens, you drive quietly, the same way you do in the Oughout. S.

2 . Dangerous Areas — Crowded areas, such as the Metro and Plakka, are known for being infested with pickpockets. If you can, avoid these areas. Try not to drive past Vathis Sq ., Omonoia Square, Karaiskaki Square, as well as the roads that lie on the right of the National Archaeological Museum, as well. These areas are gathering places for beggars and druggies.

a few. Toll Roads – For the most part, there is no need for you to pay toll. However , there are two special roads that you have to pay out toll for-Ethniki Odos. So , be sure to bring cash.

4. Restricted Area – Central Athens limits the amount of cars that can pass through the area depending on a numbering system. For instance, just cars with odd-numbered license plates can enter on certain times. The good news for you is that this limitation does not apply to rental cars. If you rent a car in Athens, you can go by the area anytime.

5. Horning — Technically, it is illegal to honk your horn in urban areas and towns unless there is an emergency. But remember, most Greeks drive like maniacs on wheels and when you rent a car in Athens, you will need to share the road with them. So , if you need to honk, honk. Honk fast, honk as many times when you need to. It could save your life, especially on mountain roads and window blind curves.

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